Granary is a reliable partner of grain producers

Granary is a reliable partner of grain producers

About us

Granary Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a grain accumulation and trading company based in Krasno­dar, Russia. Established in 2015, Granary LLC trades in wheat and barley from the Krasnodar Kray, Stavropol Kray, Rostov and Black Soil and other regions, and ex­ports to international customers from the Black Sea port Novorossiysk.


For suppliers

1. Our partners

We work with our agricultural commodity producer partners

2. Sampling, quality and compliance

An honest examination of grain and supply of docu­ments that outlines authenticity                        

3. Contracting

Conclusion of agreement with agricultural produc­ers

4. Buying grain

Procurement in accor­dance with the terms of delivery (EXW, FCA, CPT)

5. Delivering grain

Delivery to the port

6. Port operations

Unloading in port

Geography of purchases